Casting Hope to the Victims of Modern Day Slavery

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CAST learned from local law enforcement officials of the endless cycle of manipulation that women and girls arrested for sex trafficking encounter. Upon arrest, victims are sent to jail, then often bailed out by their abuser/trafficker, who may beat them and once again throw the victim back on the street.

In 2015, CAST-TC was offered a potential Safehouse for use as a short-term alternative for women and girls wanting to break the cycle of perpetual abuse as victims of sex traffickers. Seeking to take action to stop trafficking in our 5-county area, CAST began making plans to open the Safehouse as a temporary, safe placement option for trafficked victims at their time of arrest.

As CAST continued to investigate the most effective chain of events in the process of helping trafficked girls, it became apparent that a longer-term placement facility would be needed, one with the ability to provide the multitude of support systems sex-trafficked individuals would ultimately need for recovery. Along with this knowledge came the awareness that the options currently available for placement (post CAST’s short-term SAFEHOUSE) were insufficient. Within this continuum of care, CAST is currently evaluating the best use of the generous contributions that have been made to the Safehouse project. Please stay tuned for updates!